There are a couple of different formats for slots tournaments can take but they all essentially work on the same principle. All players sign up for the tournament and get a certain number of credits at a slot machine. They then have a set time frame to run up those credits into as much “profit” as possible. The tournament credits are compiled in a separate credit account on the machine so aren’t added or subtracted from your set starting credits.

Your only goal is to use up all of your allotted credits in the allowed time and hope you hit enough big (or small) jackpots to push your total won credits up as high as possible. Payouts for the tournament are then distributed to the players according to the pre-determined payout schedule. For example, the player with the most won credits wins $1,000, second-place wins $500 and third $300. Both cash and prizes can be distributed and the number of winners can vary from just the player with the most credits or the top 10-20% etc. There are often small prizes for players with the lowest total credits!


That totally depends on the casino and the offer. Some slots tournaments are completely free to enter; casinos offer them to bring in new players and give them a chance to get comfortable with playing the slots before risking any of their own money. The prizes in free slots tournaments are generally small, but still – something for nothing is always a good deal.

Other slots tournament are comped by the casino to give frequent slots players a reward for how often they play at that casino. If you’re a frequent slots player you know you can acquire a lot of player points by spinning those reels and oftentimes you can turn those into slots tournament entries with real-prizes. A growing number of slots tournaments actually have a real cash buy-in (eg. $50) and all of the money is accumulated into a prize pool that is then distributed among the winners according to a set schedule of percentage as mentioned above.

The prize pool amount depends upon the number of players in the tournament. The more players with high buy-ins, the higher the jackpot will be. The casino also takes a small percentage of this collected amount. The biggest slots tournaments can involve thousands of players and create massive prize pools. They will typically have a few rounds you’ll need to pass through (ie. place in the top percentage of the leaderboard) before getting to the final round where the money is distributed. Prize formats can vary greatly, though, with all kinds of cash or rewards awarded for various positions.

Note: You don’t actually win the amount of credits that you have on the machine; it’s purely for your standing according to the tournament payout scheme.


slots tournaments online

There’s only one thing you need to do to give yourself the best shot at winning a slots tournament: Spin the reels as fast as you can. Getting the maximum amount of spins in the allotted time is both and art and a mad frenzy, but generally, it involves a lot of frantic button pushing. That doesn’t mean pound the button as hard as you can over and over again. You need to keep a steady rhythm and press the button as quickly as you can each time the machine stops and pays out your credits.

An average slots tournament time can be about 20 minutes which will seem like an eternity. But you have to keep your concentration, not get distracted by all the bells and whistles going off around you and press, press, press to get as many spins as possible in the time frame. To maximize your chances in any slots tournament you should always bet the maximum amount on the highest number of pay lines. Although slots are a luck-based game you do need to risk credits in order to maximize your return so be prepared for that. The more spins you can get in, the more chances you have of racking up the most credits and securing yourself one of the top payout spots!


You’re in luck! Our Slots Tournament toplist above will tell you exactly where the best online tournaments are currently being played. Most of the major casino networks now offer slots tournaments and the bigger ones on a multi-casino network can offer some pretty startling prize pools. Here are a few of the biggest and best below:

  • Both Cryptologic and Microgaming casinos offer regular slots tournaments.
  • English Harbour is linked together with Millionaire Casino, Slots Galore, Super Slots, VIP Slots and Silver Dollar Casino, which means that you can choose to play their slots tournaments at any of these casinos.
  • Online Vegas is linked together with Go Casino, Crazy and Grand and you can play at all of these casinos.

A Slots Online focused casino like All Slots Casino will obviously have the most slots tournaments options and, in fact, likely have a welcome package that includes a few free tickets to get you started. All in all, though, wherever you find one you’re sure to have a blast. Just spin, spin, spin and see where it takes you!